System Building for Church Growth & Reaching the Harvest

Day of Training and Equipping

As many in this season are heralding “the time of the harvest” we are aware that new seasons require “new tools” or “updates.” We must thoroughly engage each season both prayerfully and practically to properly steward what God wants to do in the earth.

I am personally excited to invite you to join Sammy Robinson and myself (Derek Schneider) for this online webinar.

God has tremendously touched Sammy’s heart in this season and he is quickly becoming a catalyst of online evangelism, seeing between 10 to 30 people saved daily, as well as commanding a growing online influence.

I am thankful to God that I have been able to assist churches globally on systems and processes analysis and training them to:

  • On - board and process new believers
  • Raise their new convert retention rate
  • Reach their community in a way that produces church growth and larger influence

Note: This is a recording of the live session conducted on June 27, 2020.

Your Instructor

Derek Schneider
Derek Schneider

Derek is a requested speaker, trainer, author, and transformation specialist. He loves to advise Pastors and Leaders on Ministry and Church Growth. Derek is the president of the History Makers Academy and founder of the History Makers Society. Both of which are designed to train, equip and send out individuals to influence all spheres of society.

Derek’s gift mix is a unique blend of strong apostolic and prophetic leadership, with signs and wonders following – especially in the area of word of knowledge and healing. Through the History Makers Academy he has seen hundreds established in their calling, and become catalysts of transformation in their communities and nations.

God is using Derek Schneider to transform culture culture, and the church, on several continents and believes that the church today is responsible for revival and societal transformation. He loves to serve Pastors and leaders, helping them to not only grow their church, but to have societal impact beyond the four walls. Even through his brief lectures and seminars, you are guaranteed to walk away with the keys required to get immediate results.

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