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The History Makers Society is reaching thousands across the globe in an unprecedented way. Currently we are raising up history makers to bring transformation to every sphere of life and society. When you support this ministry you are sowing into good soil - soil that will bring about a harvest and tangible change for generations.

Here are just a few ways we do this...

Our Scholarship Program

Your giving helps us to offer History Makers "scholarships" to underprivileged individuals who have great potential - but just lack "opportunity." Our scholarship program is especially vital to our work in impoverished nations. We invite you to consider sponsoring a "history maker" or giving regularly to the scholarship program.

Global Missions

One of the unique aspects of the History Makers Society is that we don't just come in to a region, hold an event and go home. We actually train and equip leaders right there on site to carry on the work long after we leave. We do this through our Academy trainings, curriculum, and national transformation strategies. Furthermore, we partner with these regions and nations on-going, to ensure that transformation continues for generations to come.

Television and Media "Beyond the Four Walls"

Through our television show "Beyond the Four Walls with Derek Schneider" we are able to spread the message and inspire the church towards personal, church and societal transformation. We take the viewer right into the heart of our work in numerous countries around the world, highlighting ordinary individuals doing extraordinary work beyond the four walls of the church.

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